Karola Grünenbaum is the director of STARK Real Estate and Relocation Services 

           and the author of The Hague, Houses and Happiness

        7 Insider Secrets To Buying Your Next Home At A Great Price Without Hassles

You will find in this very practical book exactly what you need to do to buy your next home happily and without any complications.

For over 18 years we have been practicing real estate in the area of The Hague and its' surroundings. We are specialized in transactions without stress or hassles! And even more important so, we know our contracts inside out, backwards and  forwards, as well as our market. We manage the entire process carefully, from Contract to Closing. And we are making sure that our clients'interest is met constantly, so that there are no behind the door surprises. 


Karola Grünenbaum has lived in various countries and continents and knows exactly how it works from her own experience. She knows and understands what you are going through and what needs to be done. 
She is specialized in the high end of the residential property market in The Hague and its surroundings, such as Wassenaar, Voorschoten, Voorburg, Wateringen, Nootdorp, 
Kwintsheul, Leidscheveen-Ypenburg, Rijswijk and Rotterdam. For about 18 years she has happily accompanied her clients and assisted them with their decisions on housing (buying, selling, renting and also property management).

And as the market has changed considerably in the past few years (from a sellers to a buyers market) it has been a real challenge to match parties together. Karola has been very successful in doing so. Karola Grünenbaum has been rated The Best Real Esatate Agent in The Hague!


 Personal advisor specialized in expat support
 Purchase and sales
 Property Management for home owners living abroad or locally.

  What Exactly does a Property Manager?

* Letting of properties
* Collection of rents
* Rent reminders
* Annual rent increases
* Solving complaints
* Contact with services in case repair is needed
* Gardening service
* Proactive notification of home maintenance requirements
* Supervision during general refurbishment
* General maintenance and service, service, service!